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Just like every business, we also have the same goal to be profitable. But this doesn’t make us only a business, we are also just a bunch of normal people.

With these values & norms, we try to be more human and less corporate. We know what’s important for the business but we also know what’s important for our people and our planet and we are more than happy to take full responsibility for this.  

Our People

Our people are one of our biggest assets, without them we are nothing.

  • We are a family and treat each other with respect.
  • We never discriminate on basis of their color, social and financial status, sexuality, education level or anything at all.
  • We always pay equal to women and men.

We are always trying to improve our workplace and the ways we can help our people.

We also take responsibility for not only our people, but also the ones that are out there and that are a big part of our community.

  • We try to engage in charity projects as much as possible.
  • We only work with products that are made by people working in good conditions. Child labor, bad working conditions or unequal pay by gender are out of the question.

Our Planet

We know the impact of the fashion industry on our planet so we take fulll responsibility here as well.

  • We use paper bags.
  • We try to reuse and recycle as much as possible in our office.
  • We try to streamline and use the best delivery option not only to save costs but pollution as well.
  • We love fast fashion, it’s cheap and affordable, but it has a bigger impact on our planet. That’s why we may not be the cheapest, but we always try to offer a better quality that may last longer.


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