The Company

Eunoia is the first professional e-commerce platform in Suriname, with their focus on fashion and lifestyle. We love shopping and having those lovely things to make us fit in, but because of our busy schedules we don’t always have the time to go shopping.

At Eunoia you don’t have to worry about time, you can shop from anytime and anywhere you want. You don’t have all those unanswered questions about models or sizes that we have in stock, all that information is just here for you in one screen.

To make it even more convenient we deliver your order at your desired place. If you are not happy with your items, no worries. You can always exchange it.



[yoo – nuy – aah]  ● Greek

(n.) a pure and well – balanced mind, a good spirit.

” Beautiful Thinking”  

Our Mission

“We are here so people can express their self with their own [life]style, feeling confident, beautiful and not judged.”

At Eunoia we believe that people can be everything they want. Free to express their self with their own unique [life]style.

Our Vision

“To be the first thought of people in the Caribbean, Latin America and South America when they want to express their self through their [life]style.”

Our Values

There’s a lot of things we believe in and what we stand for, but there are some things  that create our identity and make us who we are.

We are expressive: fashion and lifestyle are just ways to express who you are. So do we, with our [life]style, but also our emotions and thoughts.

We inspire: we are here to inspire people in every way possible.

We believe: we believe in ourselves, we believe in each other, but also in this journey.

We grow: we grow as human beings, as team, as company, in experiences but also towards and with our customers.

We are ambitious: we are ambitious; we want to achieve things and become better day by day. Not only our team, our company or ourselves but also, to be the best choice for our customers.

We believe in having balance: Being able to achieve or to be anything should always be balanced in all aspects of life.

We act in the right way: We may not always be right, make bad decisions, have problems or fuck things up. But we will always fight and be positive to make things right in an ethical way.

We do not judge: we never judge because no one is perfect; we are here to be ourselves, learn from our mistakes and to be just the person we are. We accept you for who you are.

We are a family: We are not just a company; you are not just an employee or just a customer. No, we are a family that support each other.

Our Founder

This company started with my love for fashion and my knowledge in business.

A combination of both, that fills my life with excitement and challenges.




Your fashion & lifestyle hub.


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Your fashion & lifestyle hub.